chrzcinyPlanning a party to celebrate a new, younger members of the family, be sure to offer of Hotel*** Villa Riviera, which we can customize to suit the most discerning Guests. Multiple opportunities and diverse selection menu, a large range of cold appetizers, hot dishes and additional attractions, great service, offered a variety of classrooms, as well as professional assistance in selecting an appropriate decoration, make that Your ceremony will be unique and unforgettable.


komunieFirst Holly Communion Ceremony is a special day for You and Your child. Those special moment require special fixtures so we encourage You to entrust us organize this communion party in Hotel*** Villa Riviera. Excellent cuisine and wide range of services make this day forever remain in the memory of Your child. The youngest participants we offers wide range of variety attractions – from leading entertainment games to playground and garden with a fountain.

 Birthday Parties

urodzinyHotel*** Villa Riviera with full professionalism meets all kinds of parties, at the same time creating unforgettable, adapted to the nature of setting. Exquisite and ingenious manner specified dishes, and professional and always helpful stuff make time spent at our site, You will use only at celebration these special moments with family and friends. All events, such as: birthdays, 18th B-day partys, fete can be organized in any of our rooms.


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